The controlRoom platform uses vr and ar technology to enhance your music production workflow. 

Check out this video to learn how you can use your VR headset or your phone to control your DAW with ControlRoom.

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Control Surface

The VR console in ControlRoom is your home base for interacting with your DAW session. It provides access to your DAW’s built-in Volume, Pan, Solo, Mute, Record, and Sends. You can navigate through the tracks in your session using the Nudge and Bank buttons, and control the DAW transport. In Pro Tools, you even have access to each track’s Automation Mode.

Spatial Mixer and Plugin

Every instance of the ControlRoom Channel AAX/AU/VST3 plugin can be controlled from within VR. With the Spatial Mixer and Plugin Tablet, you have powerful control over the plugin’s Compressor, EQ, Spatial Panner, and more. Insert the plugin on a DAW track, and it will show up in VR. No mapping required.

Custom MIDI Tools

There are numerous midi tools in ControlRoom that can be easily mapped to any midi-enabled plugin or even hardware devices. The BFF, FX Cube, Fader Tablet, and Virtual Drum Pads provide an incredible amount of control. And can be shown or hidden at the touch of a button. Reduce the clutter in your studio while having even more control at your fingertips.


Everyone wants a console. Control your critical DAW functions, write automation, and get important metering information. Takes up no studio space while still providing a full-size tactile experience. Light-years beyond any virtual controller stuck behind a 2D screen.

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Proudly Built in Los Angeles California

ControlRoom technology is patented under US patent 10,643,592

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